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How Brightly Can Your Institution Shine?

You know you need to increase your financial institution’s non-interest income, but starting your own investment services division may seem like an out-of-this-world undertaking. It doesn’t have to be.

With MSTC’s Sharing Talented Advisory Resources (STAR) Program, you can start an investment services program part-time, with little expense or effort.

How the STAR Program works:

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  • We place an already established financial advisor from an institution outside your market into your institution to start gathering assets for your business.
  • The Advisor’s home institution takes care of the his/her salary and benefits.
  • You get to brand the Advisor’s services to your institution in your market and truly become a one-stop financial services shop.

Why shoot for the STAR:

  • Start a program part time with little upfront expense, no fixed expenses, and no capital at risk.
  • Potential for making a profit almost out of the gate.
  • We have mature advisors that are proven who will help you establish your program quickly.
  • Gain a diversified stream of new non-interest income while helping you decrease customer attrition, since they no longer have to seek investment services elsewhere.
  • Keep up with national or local financial institutions who already have a program.
  • Work with a premier broker/dealer in Illinois that offers unparalleled customer service and understands your needs and values.

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