In this episode of Banking on Growth, Mike Graham, President & CEO of Midwestern Securities, sits down with Nathan White, Director of Retirement Plans & CFO at Midwestern Securities, to discuss how community financial institutions can deepen relationships with commercial customers.

As a community bank or credit union, building and maintaining strong relationships with your commercial clients is crucial to your success. Today, finding innovative ways to differentiate your services and provide added value can be key to long-term growth. One powerful tool that community banks can leverage is the Employer Sponsored Retirement Plan (ESRP). ESRPs (such as 401ks, 403bs, or SIMPLE IRAs) offer a valuable employee benefit while providing business owners with potential strategic tax advantages and helping them comply with state retirement savings laws.

For community banks, understanding and leveraging ESRPs can differentiate their services and strengthen client relationships. By positioning themselves as trusted advisors and experienced professionals in ESRP implementation, community banks can offer more comprehensive services, deepen client loyalty, and unlock new revenue streams, ultimately positioning themselves for long-term success.

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