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You go above and beyond for your clients. Shouldn’t your back office do the same for you?

Make Midwestern Securities your broker/dealer and RIA and EXPECT MORE.

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As an independent broker/dealer and RIA born out of the desire for faster responses from our back office, we understand the need to get things done quickly and accurately. Your time is best spent in front of your clients and prospects. Your personal Service Coordinator is here to help spot, troubleshoot, and resolve account issues quickly so you can spend less time correcting NIGO paperwork and more time meeting with new clients. We pride ourselves on knowing all our advisors by voice and understanding the intricacies of their unique business. We want to offer you this personalized service that meets your needs and feels like a genuine partnership.

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Our Compliance & Standards team takes a holistic approach to every situation, assessing it, and making sure they take the right approach. This process has served us well, as we continue to maintain a good compliance record. We value integrity and accountability, and we expect the same from our partners. That is why we work closely with our advisors on everything from paperwork to marketing to financial institution audits. We don’t own any rubber stamps. Instead, we work with advisors to help them understand the rules and reasons behind policies and how to improve yourself for the next time. Our diligence serves to protect the advisor and the institution so advisors can focus on their clients’ future.

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Personal and Professional Growth

We want you to achieve your fullest potential. We are ready to meet you where you are and help you take your career to the next level by actively helping you reach your goals. By partnering with us, you can expect a variety of personal and professional growth opportunities, including the chance to partner with one of our mentors, enroll in elite coaching sessions, or even run case studies with our CEO, who is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and producing advisor himself. We regularly invite industry speakers to discuss current trends and topics. You also can engage with our community of professional financial advisors for in-depth discussions on growing your practice.

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We provide you the opportunity to access tools you may need to better advise your clients and run your business. Either in-house or through our partner relationships, our reps have access to the cutting edge in technology and advisory tools to streamline your practice and work efficiently.

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Staying in front of clients and potential clients is important for growing your practice. We help our advisors engage with clients and prospects through professionally managed & compliant social media pages, thought leader videos, mobile responsive websites, and email marketing capabilities. Through our subsidiary company, Lighthouse Financial Institution Marketing Solutions, you can also purchase fresh marketing campaigns to help you stand out and get noticed.

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We are currently looking for advisors who expect more from their practice and for their clients.

We want to connect with you and see if our culture makes sense for you.