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Get to Know Our New VP of Business Development

What makes community banks and credit unions the better option against larger financial institutions? What can big banks learn from them, and how can community financial institutions improve their performance and services? In this week’s episode, we have an insightful discussion with Anne Schutt, MBA, CFP®, WMCP®, ChFC, our new Vice President of Business Development at Midwestern Securities and a distinguished voice in the financial industry.

Anne provides a unique perspective on financial institutions with her experience as a frontline financial advisor and later transitioning to a bigger-picture role overlooking business development opportunities. Join us as we explore strategies for helping community financial institutions optimize their investment programs to compliantly improve profit margins while also improving their customers’ experience.

The Difference With Community Banks

For this interview, Michael Graham, CFP® sits down with Anne Schutt to hone in on the key differences and advantages that community financial institutions have compared to larger banks. They tackle and debunk the misconception that banks and credit unions have around consumer wealth, underestimating the power of marketing to members on a community level. Anne highlights how big banks can get complacent in reaching out to potential customers, which can lead them to lose out on these customers in the long run.

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