You understand the need for reliable and diversified streams of income independent of loans and deposits, but is your investment services division producing enough for your bottom line?

Community banks like yours are the cornerstones of their community, providing the kind of personalized banking relationships your customers won’t find anywhere else. But with a big national bank on nearly every corner, it can be hard not to feel like you’re being edged out by the competition. It’s time you get the support you deserve from a broker/dealer who understands your institution’s culture and values.

We offer a no-obligation review of your investment services division to show you how working with the right partner can make the difference between success and obsolescence.

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We pay attention to YOU and your needs. We will work closely with you and your financial advisor throughout the transition and our continued relationship. We learn your name, the names of your employees, your history, and the vision you have for your institution. We work regularly with you to create a transition timeline, to execute the necessary steps, and to “launch” your upgraded investment division.

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When you call us, you will be speaking to someone you know and someone who knows you and your unique business. We will promptly answer any questions, offer suggestions, or give guidance. We want to offer you “white-glove” service that meets your needs and feels like a genuine partnership. You will even have your own Service Coordinator who will provide timely and accurate support so your advisors can spend more time focused on your clients and not the paperwork.



As an independent broker/dealer and RIA owned and operated by financial advisors and community bankers, we understand your business and how important your success is, and we work hard to help you achieve it. Your Investment Services Division shouldn’t be a rounding error. To demonstrate our commitment to your success, we offer regular professional development opportunities to help you optimize your business. We have created innovative solutions to help our partners grow their businesses and drive revenue. These strategically implemented services give Midwestern Securities advisors an advantage over the competition.

Create a bigger vision for your bank’s future

We strongly believe that your investment services division should not be a rounding error. That is why we provide the attention, coaching, and white glove service you deserve to help your investment division make a meaningful impact on your bottom line.
Our size is our strength. In addition to your personal Service Coordinator, you and your financial advisor have access to our executive team and decision-makers. We make the time for you and are attentive to your needs, feedback, and goals.
We are so committed to your success that we have developed coaching that goes beyond your investment services division and extends to your whole bank team. Through our Benefit Builder experience, we can help you build a proactive sales culture throughout your institution that can increase cross referrals, get your employees working like a team and help your bank grow in all areas.

Request your no-obligation review of your investment services division and see the difference Midwestern Securities’ personalized approach can make.