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The Role of Wealth Management Services in the Banking Industry

We often get asked about wealth management services' role in the banking industry. This is such an important discussion that we created a podcast examining why they partner so well.

Today’s bankers are forced to think on the spot, stay on their toes and be more aggressive in their approach. CEO Michael Graham, comments, "We need to be thinking about the multi-faceted dimensional changes that are happening in the financial services industry that we see all around us.”

At Midwestern Securities, we believe in the value of the human element. We believe in the value of relationship banking, and the value-added nature that community financial services bring. In knowing a customer and helping them accomplish their goals—buy their homes, start their business, expand their business. It’s unique: the commoditized banking experience and the online banking experience can’t compete if we don’t let them.

If you’re considering adding a wealth management services division for your bank, it’s important to realize that starting this partnership takes time. It starts with getting to know each other, understanding how this institution works, where the strengths and weaknesses lie, and what opportunities exist.

Once that framework has been established, we can start to build, in a very consultative manner, providing a strategic plan of what we want this financial institution to look like in 5 to 10 years and how the investment division—the wealth management division—plays into that.

Join us as we talk more about this topic in our Banking on Growth Podcast episode: The Role of Wealth Management Services in the Banking Industry:

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