Earlier this year, Midwestern Securities embarked on a new journey by introducing our Podcast – Banking on Growth! Over the last ten weeks, we have interviewed industry leaders on issues pertaining to wealth management in the community banking sector and what a journey it has been!

Before we move forward with our next few episodes, we felt it would be wise to pause, reflect, and provide a handy summary of everything we have covered in these podcasts.

The Role of Wealth Management Services in the Banking Industry

Our first episode saw us interview our very own CEO, Michael Graham. In this podcast, Mike challenged our community banking role players “to always be thinking about the multi-faceted dimensional changes that are happening in the financial services industry that we see all around us.”

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Small but Mighty: A Community Banking Success Story

Our second episode spotlighted a remarkable community bank that has experienced unprecedented success by partnering with us. We'll uncover the key factors that contributed to their achievements and learn how they capitalized on the opportunities that arose with establishing their wealth management division and creating a financial oasis in their community banking community.

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Expect more for your Wealth Management Division, and get it! – A Community Bank’s Story

Our next episode challenged us to expect more and strive for exceptional results. In this episode, our CEO, Mike Graham, helps you step into the shoes of one of our clients and experience their perspective firsthand. Together, we'll explore the challenges they faced, the goals they set, and the extraordinary outcomes they achieved by pushing the boundaries of what their wealth management division could deliver. At Midwestern Securities, we recognize the need to raise the bar and provide our clients with exceptional service options for their clients.

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Developing a Successful Sales Strategy for Your Community Banking Wealth Management Division

We then focused on mastering sales strategies for community bank wealth management divisions. Our guest on this episode, Anthony Cole, believes that salesmanship lies at the heart of effective wealth management services. This episode saw us delve into the art of client engagement and uncover the secrets to crafting a winning sales strategy tailored to your community bank's unique strengths.

Learn how to build trust, offer personalized solutions, and foster enduring client relationships that drive growth.

Understanding the Biggest Challenges For Community Banks in Kentucky and How To Overcome Them

Finally, we spent time with an industry great, Ballard W. Cassady Jr., the esteemed President and Chief Executive Officer of the Kentucky Bankers Association. Together, we embarked on a journey to explore the very essence of community banking – its challenges, triumphs, and the unwavering spirit that propels it forward.

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Be sure to catch up on these conversations as we navigate the world of wealth management in the community banking sector, and don’t miss out as we chart our way forward with the next series of fascinating interviews!