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Trust Services

Our Solution: Midwestern Securities Trust Services

Midwestern Securities Trust Services allows community financial institutions like yours to offer Trust solutions to their customers in a more cost-effective manner. These Trust Services are private labeled to the institution’s brand without many of the fixed expenses and challenges of operating your own Trust Department. Your customers will see your institution’s name on the marketing and view this as a local service from a partner they know and trust.

Customers are unique and require solutions tailored to their needs. Midwestern Securities Trust Services can handle a wide range of Trusts, including those with non-marketable assets that may require special consideration. We also have the ability to be more flexible on account size, allowing you to service a greater number of your customers.

Some of the services include:

  • Testamentary and Living Trusts
  • Executor/Administrator of Estates
  • Managing Agency
  • Farm Management
  • Conservator and Guardian
  • Life Insurance Trusts
  • 1031 Exchanges
The bottom line

The Bottom Line

Trust clients pay an advisory fee and a corporate trustee fee for the services. The financial institution would receive a contracted, predetermined override on the advisory fee. This typically creates a recurring fee-based revenue stream for the institution.

Being able to offer Trust Services to your clients can help you gain more wallet share and keep your competition out of the picture. Furthermore, Trust accounts survive even after the original client has passed away, allowing your institution to manage money over generations.


Here are some of the questions we receive most often
about Midwestern Securities Trust Services
What services does Midwestern Securities Trust Services offer?

The Midwestern Securities Trust Services Solution offers all the services of a traditional Trust Department and then some, including:

    • Statements and administrative paperwork, private labeled, delivered to clients on your bank’s behalf
    • Premier investment portfolios for clients
    • Experience with a wide range of trusts, including those with non-marketable assets
    • Flexibility on account size to service a greater number of your customers
    • A financial advisor to identify prospective Trust clients and provide relationship management to Trust clients
    • Outsourcing your back-office responsibilities, including:
    • A trust officer to administer active trusts and work with beneficiaries
    • Industry leading trust software
    • Custody of non-marketable assets